Trailer and Truck 17.5"

Wheel simulator wheel cover
liners for dual steel wheels.

Stainless Steel Liner Hubcaps

6 Lug, 6 Hand Holes 17.5"
(lugs are for appearance only)

These wheel simulators fit many 17.5" dual wheel trailers and trucks with dual drive axle steel wheels with 6, 8, or 10 lug nuts. These will not fit aluminum wheels.

Note this set is only available exactly as shown and 8 or 10 lug versions are not available. Your wheels will look exactly as shown after installation regardless of your actual wheel lug nut count. Your existing lugs will be hidden after installation.

Simple ring mounting without lug removal.
You simply install our ring into the wheel and tighten the ring with the adjustment nut so that it is snug in the wheel groove near the wheel outer edge. The ring has 3 attachment points built in. After the mounting ring is installed, align the cover with the ring attachment points and install the included anti-theft head stainless screws and your done. We include the tool you need for the special head anti-theft stainless screws. Removal takes about one minute with the tool.


These covers require a 6.25" depth clearance to mount, measured from the our edge of the rim down into the wheel. The center hub inside dimension is 6.5".

Manufactured from the highest quality, brightly polished T304L stainless steel that will never rust or turn yellow over time. Our brightly polished wheel covers actually rival chrome in appearance.

Lifetime Finish Warranty

Shipping within the contiguous 48 states. Outside this area please contact us for a shipping quote before ordering.

Part number AESRQC1706R

Price is for one set of 2 covers
including hardware and tool.

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We also offer a matching front steer axle
set in this style for dual rear wheel trucks

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