200+ styles of car, truck and trailer wheel covers, chrome wheel skin wheel covers, stainless steel and chrome wheel simulators, Coverking car and truck seat covers, Sheepskin seat covers, and Softopper collapsible truck bed covers.

 Wheel Simulator Wheel Covers

Wheel simulator Wheel simulators are stainless steel wheel covers for dual rear wheeled trucks and vans wheel simulator wheel covers

Wheel simulators are installed directly over steel wheels and are available for single wheel and dual wheel trucks and trailers in 16", 17", 18", 19.5", 20", 22.5" and 24.5" sizes.

We offer wheel simulator wheel liners in chrome plated stainless steel as well as polished 304L stainless steel. Our extensive selection includes made in the USA and imported styles for dual and single wheel RV, Motorhomes, trucks and trailers.

Our state of the art mount system attaches our wheel simulators to your rims without the hassle of lug nut removal.

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 Wheel Skin Wheel Covers Chrome

wheel skins wheel skin wheelskins

Wheel skins are designed for a Exact Fit right over your existing car or truck wheels and can easily be installed in minutes. Our wheel skins are triple chrome plated and fit tightly, like skin, over the existing car or truck alloy rim replicating the look of a expensive chromed wheels. Wheel skins are available for cars and pickup trucks with 15", 16" 17", 18" and 20" wheels.

 Car and Truck Wheel Covers

wheel covers wheel covers wheel cover.

Car and truck wheel covers are designed for Universal Fit to most car or truck steel wheels. We offer 12", 13", 14",15" and 16" sizes. Wheel covers are available in chrome or silver finish.

Coverking and Sheepskin Seat Covers

car and truck seat covers

Cars, Trucks and RV Motorhomes

Softopper Collapsible Truck Bed Cover



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